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Sizing information




We offer four standard head mold sizes. There will be a T cut up the back, this system is designed to allow flexibility to further accommodate different sizing and the item in some cases will not fully enclose the display head at the back. Please note that we do not offer variations to this cutting at the back (no zipper fitting or single cut requests please). It is quiet normal for the edges to not fully close at the back e.g. for a better look we suggest using a wig on your display covering to cover any gaps at the back

Size ranges are approximate. Please note that the below measurements may be slightly more or less depending on individual casting/creation of the item i.e. these are not going to be exact (if you physically measure and then compare to the sizing chart these will NOT be the same)

Size ranges are based on suggested ranges that may be suitable for your display fitting - if you required it to be larger take advantage of the unique cut/fitting design and loosen the lacing at the back (a gap at the back/top is quiet typical please use a wig to cover and complete the display fitting). Alternatively if you need it tighter, make the lacing as tight as required.

They will vary slightly due to the handmade nature of the product.

Small size range   

A:54cm to 57cm B: 56cm to 58cm

Medium size range

A:56cm to 60cm B: 57cm to 61cm

Large size range

A:59cm to 62cm B: 59cm to 64cm

Extra Large size range

A:61cm to 64cm B: 63cm to 66cm

What is a perfect fit: We don't make unrealistic fake claims like most of the others claiming a "perfect fit". A perfect fit is subjective and different as all display heads are different.



Thank you for taking the time to read this section.

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