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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Thank you for taking the time to read this section. Here are some Q and A's to help clarify some general questions about the retail fittings. They have been separated into sub categories for your convenience.
(Please take the time to read our Terms & Conditions, Postage, Custom Orders sections for more info located on the main page alternatively if you have a question that is not listed here please Contact us.).

Dummydisplays, is a seller of boutique retail shop fittings unlike any other! The items are practical, useful  and save you money over the long term...change your display for a fraction of the price!  here are some Q & A's about the retail display covers.


Questions about Shipping, Payments, Customs and Import charges.


Q: Why does my order appear as "awaiting payment" when I have just paid you?


A: We like to manually check each order payment details due to past issues. So please do not panic; we will change your order to "awaiting fulfillment" once we have checked that your payment has cleared and that your shipping details appear correct. Please note this may take a day or two due to international time zones etc. Please note we still need to MAKE your item and as detailed this takes time so please be patient


 Q: How is payment accepted; what are the options?

A: We only accept PayPal. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption is enabled with payment function for added security.

Q: Should I purchase from the eBay store or the website (this) store.

A: It is up to you; please note that there are some items that cannot be found on our eBay store. The eBay store is primarily used for samples, discontinued and unique items. They are all brand new. Also we can offer the same item a little cheaper on our home website instead of eBay as we do not have to pass on the costs of eBay’s super high listing and final value fees. eBay seems to be losing more and more customers each year because of this. Shipping costs are cheaper on this website and more expensive on ebay.

Q: I would like to purchase more than one item can a deal be done?

A: In some cases we can because we believe in fairness and the fact you are buying more than one. Please contact us with the item numbers of the ones you would like to purchase.

Q: Is payment required immediately on items? What if I don’t have funds in my PayPal account?

A: Yes we require immediate payment on items on checkout, with the exception of PayPal e-cheques that are dependent on your financial institution (generally takes a few business days to clear).

Q: Is shipping discreet?

A: Yes we always endeavor to ship discreetly, we do this, to protect the item from theft or damage, for example if you advertise there is a gold bar or money in the box someone will more than likely steal it. We always use a strongly sealed plain box using heavy packing tape and the box is plain. In the rare case someone else accidentally opens the box there is also a note in the box to show it is a shop fitting so they would be less likely to steal it.

Q: I need to ship to a postal address that is different to what is shown on the paypal payment/transaction, is this allowed?

A: Short answer - No. We are required to ship to what has been typed in on the paypal transaction. If you make an error and require us to ship elsewhere - this will cause a delay in your order. We will give a full refund and ask that you go through and place the order again and ensure that you update and input the correct postal address onto the paypal transaction.

Q: How long will the item take to reach me, I live in Australia?

A: Usually maximum is 10 business days (not including weekends) unless you live in the desert. Please read postage information.

Q: How long will the item take to reach me, I live overseas?

A: Usually around 14 business days (not including weekends) to most parts of the world. (If you live in Italy/Russia it will take a fair bit longer) Please read postage information.


Q: How long does it take for my item(s) to be made?

A: Unlike those who mass produce items - the vast majority of our stock is made up only when an order is placed. That is we do not keep a large number of items in stock at any one time. Some items/lines are in stock and may be shipped quicker.... However the majority item(s) will be made from SCRATCH and only created after you have placed/paid for your order. Production time does vary depending on drying times, number of other orders etc making your item is not an easy process but good quality, one of a kind items are worth the wait! Orders are processed according to when the order was placed i.e. an order placed before you will be processed first etc.

Please allow for up TO approx ~4 weeks from when you place your order before expecting it to be dispatched/shipped. During quieter times and/or good drying conditions it can be as quick as a 1-2 weeks to dispatch. During busy times and/or poorer drying conditions please be patient and it may take 3-5 weeks before we are able to post it off.

We process most orders on a "first ordered - first posted basis" but this does depend on what item(s) you have purchased. Items made from scratch will take longer naturally as it has to be created just for you before we can send.

Q: Are there customs or import charges on the item?

A: Maybe, if your country has them you may need to pay if they ask you to in order to collect your parcel. Sometimes they do not ask you to pay a customs fee. It really depends on the country and its rules and regulations.

How it works is any items shipped to European countries may be subject to The Value-Added Tax (VAT), this is a European tax. We believe it is not a large amount of money to pay just a fraction of your order total. This is usually applied to Europe and may be applicable to your order in your country. Even Australia has a Goods Service Tax (GST) on goods imported here we have to pay it as well in addition to the order amount on most things that are ordered. The USA does not have one yet that we are aware of although there is talk of putting one in place. Every country is different.

Please check if there are any fees before placing an order. Some countries do charge a small import fee and some do not charge an import fee.

Q: The item has not arrived yet, where is it? (International buyers)

A: 95% of items usually arrive within the time frame mentioned because Australia Post is efficient. Your order will come with a tracking number which you can use to search from Australia Post's website. Once it is in your country please use your local postal service to track it. If you haven't received an item and it is nearing 45 days we advise you log onto PayPal and open a PayPal case immediately.

There can be delays along the way that are beyond our control such as extreme weather, flight delays/groundings, customs etc. There are times that the parcel is waiting for you to collect it from the post office.

Q: The item has not arrived yet, where is it? (Domestic buyers)

A: All services for Domestic parcels will have a tracking number. You can use this number at any time to check the status (location) along the way of your parcel at the Postal website. It may be awaiting collection at the post office or still in transit. Remember these items are hand made they take time to craft.


Questions about Photos and Images

Q: There are so many watermarks on the images, why?

A: We brand the items so you know they are genuine and not knockoffs from elsewhere in the world where some make inferior knock-offs and try to act as though it is the genuine article. How many times do you hear of websites complaining their images have been stolen by shady sellers from other countries? We don't have a high opinion of shady, knockoff sellers from different parts of the world. We all know knockoffs do not have the quality, durability, safety guarantees that we provide as part of our service to you and many before you. We are trying to protect our images and intellectual property as it took along time and money to make as well as protect you by letting you know these are genuine by these watermarks. If you find listings that do not have our branding or are modified or on a different website then know you are buying something very different from the photo you see. If you find our items on another website other than eBay Dummydisplays or this website (Dummydisplays.com) then you are more than likely being scammed and it is illegal as we have creative licence.

Q: Are these photos the actual photos of the item?

A: Yes, we know that what you see in the display photo is what you will get however we also say there may be some minor variations that are hardly noticeable. Here is a typical example of how this would work; things like the eyeliner may be drawn slightly differently on slightly different angles for each item...it will still look the same, the eyebrow may be different by a 1mm or 2mm. Very small differences, so please understand this is due to being handmade; all items are hand painted and that is why we say minor variations. Again, buy the genuine article and get the quality and service.

Q: Is the display wig attached to the item shown?

A: The display wig is not attached; it is separate from the item and not included.

Q: Is the display wig included in the transaction?

A: No, the shipping costs are much higher. If we were to include a wig it will cost you more to ship the item as shipping is calculated by weight and factoring in the cost of the wig as well.


Questions about Sizing and Custom Makeup

For more detailed information please click Custom Orders & Sizing info

Q: What sizes are there?

A: Yes, we are the only seller to have medium (M), larger (L) and extra larger (XL) sizes of the styles we sell, no one else can claim to have what we have and be telling the truth about the sizes as we have four face mold sizes for most items. The truth is you will be buying a super small item if you go elsewhere and they claim to have our items, please don't waste your time and money on them; spend a little more and get the genuine article. Choose a size for your display!

Q: Can makeup be customised; different coloured lips, eyes, makeup?

A: Depends, some items will be made and sold as is so NO custom makeup will be added/changed. In other cases we may customise makeup for a small fee; the item will take a little longer to ship, please read the custom orders section.


Questions about General questions


Q: Can I trust a great value product will be delivered?

A: Yes we believe our main business is return business! We want you to return and we look forward to catering to return buyers. We look after them.

That is why we always strive to send items that are almost identical in most cases. If the item to be sent by us is significantly different in some way or there is something we need to show you we always contact to show you BEFORE the item is sent to see what you would like to do. That way you have the control and option to decide what to do next. If however, there is an issue on receiving your wonderful item let us know through the websites contact us form please.

By buying from Dummydisplays.com we believe you buy with confidence, we pride ourselves on good service and giving the customer a great value item. Feel free to purchase a some glam jewelrey to compliment your retail display.

We, us = Dummydisplays. You, I = the customer.


Thank you for taking the time to read this section.


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