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Bulk Listings T&Cs

Items for $390 AUD BULK T&Cs

Offer only applies to items within the "Bulk Sale" category and price cannot be applied to regular items listed.

Pricing EXCLUDES Postage and Handling.

Shipping costs will be shown in your cart/during checkout.

Given the pricing these are sent and sold AS IS.

All are new items however some are prototypes/samples and discontinued lines.

Some will have imperfections/markings/bubbles etc and not all perfect. Most have no imperfections!

Some of these maybe smaller or larger within the same listing batch.

Items will not be split apart i.e. you will buy/receive the items as shown in the photo.

These are priced for clearance and may vary in design from items you may have purchased from us previously.

No exchanges/refunds or returns accepted.

We reserve the right to modify/change or remove this promotion at any time without notification.


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